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Other than services and activities that we usually offer for clients coming together as families and groups of friends, colleagues, and tourists, CDR Adventure  also provide a special programme called "Outdoor Education" to schools with motivation to bring students to experience safe, fun, and educational outdoor residential trip.  The programme aims and is designed to...


Promote student's physical fitness, emotional well-being, and intellectual growth through combination of safe sportive, recreational, critical-thinking, and outdoor educational activities outside conventional in-class learning settings 


Encourage students to embrace nature and develop passion for adventure, exploration, and discovery paving way for them to broaden their horizon


Develop student's physical education-related hard skills and pratical soft skills mainly communication, navigation, teamwork, problem-solving, etc which are essential for their development and future collaborative work-related prospect

With our two decades of experiences, numerous schools have entrusted us with formulating and operating programme plans for students of diverse age groups, providing instructions and outdoor lessons, preparing the necessary equipment, facilitating with accommodation, preferred food,  and optional transportation arrangement, and securing children's safety with utmost care. By using our service, the itinerary plan will be filled with several exciting activities from each of the following course categories suitable for incoming students' age and made for the school's kind consideration. 


This course allows groups of students to play 10 entertaining children-friendly  stations. Each station will have at least one of our qualified staff providing gameplay instruction card, maintaining game rules, watching over player's safety. Each group of students will also be allocated with safety helmets and Ninja Adventure Course navigation map.


This course will consist of activities encouraging students to use athletic abilities and challenge themselves to face multiple unexpected obstacles which needs quick problem solving skills. For all activities, there will always be adequate accompanied guides and relevant equipment ensuring safety of the students. Before commencing activities, instructions and safety briefing will be provided with floors opened for questions. 

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"CDR  Adventure went above and beyond to ensure your safety and enjoyment throughout the program"

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